Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy and interested in learning about all your options? You are not alone!

When you find yourself in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy, you can feel alone and afraid. It would be nice if you could turn back the hands of time and change the past but that is behind you now and the present is demanding you make a hard choice. Will you keep holding on to that little life or are you going to let go?

Out of fear you may be inclined to make a quick decision. Take your time and consider your heart and examine the options that are available to you.

Our trained client advocates can help you with questions and concerns about your next step. We can even schedule a free ultrasound for you.

Free pregnancy test and other services…Contact us for a compassionate, non-judgmental and confidential appointment.

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Our Mission

The ministry of LifeLine is to share the love of Jesus with women and men facing crisis pregnancies, offer real and tangible support for alternatives to abortion, teach abstinence-based health education, and provide Biblical mentoring to those seeking Christ's healing and restoration from past abortions.